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NEW YORK, (ST)- Russia and China on Friday blocked the adoption of a UN Security Council draft resolution, submitted by  Germany, Belgium and Kuwait, on transporting humanitarian aid to Syria that undermines the country’s sovereignty.

In 2014, the Security Council adopted resolution No. 2165 which allows the humanitarian convoys, which are bound for Syria, to cross borders. It is renewed every year.

Humanitarian aid currently flows into Syria through UN-designated checkpoints without the formal permission of the Syrian government, but that authority is due to expire on January 10.

Germany, Belgium and Kuwait presented a resolution extending  that authority for a year.

The Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said following the voting session that his country vetoed the draft resolution because it is unacceptable, stressing that it is not permitted to transport humanitarian aid to Syria without the permission of the Syrian government particularly as the Syrian authorities have retaken control of most of Syria’s territory.

Nebenzya said that the Russian draft resolution which was foiled by the western states on transporting the aid provided for extending the current transportation mechanism for half a year not for a year as the new draft resolution calls for.

He pointed out that the Russian draft resolution called for keeping two crossings out of the four ones for transporting the humanitarian aid.

Hamda Mustafa