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In 2012, Obama legalized the use of propaganda by the American government on its own people… Now we are spoonfed lies by permanent state-deemed “reliable news sources”.


When these “reliable news agencies” lie and spread propaganda, they manufacture consent for imperialist war and aggression, usually to increase the US’s global hegemony, and to aid multinational corporations in the extraction of mineral wealth from sovereign countries…

The New York Times, for example, helped to gain public support for an illegal war that killed half a million innocent people.


The permanent state also spreads lies and propaganda, and is legitimized by these same “reliable news sources”, further controlling popular opinion, regardless of the dismal record of agencies like the CIA, FBI, and NSA. The same permanent spook that lied us in to the Iraq war, also lied to everyone about the evidence free “Russiagate conspiracy theory” for 3 years.


Google censors search results to remove leftist content, and independent news sources.


Facebook censors the left, and allows the far-right to use the platform to disseminate hate and bigotry…




You are far more likely to get real news and information from a friend, independent media, or your own research, than you ever could from mainstream media or from “intelligence” agencies.

Our government conducts psychological operations, not only in war, against the enemy, but on all of us, every day, in the most insidious of ways..


It’s everywhere. Members of Obama’s administration, as well as Barack “Propaganda” Obama himself, sit on a board that’s essentially in charge of Netflix content. Creating “programming” for people to willfully consume. Most of it promoting individualism, consumerism, capitalism, mass incarceration, the “drug war” violence & war. It’s quite apparent when you look at the streaming content. And when you read articles like these…



We all need to work to dismantle the hegemony with a counter-psyop narrative of truth…


we’re all in it together”


People’s Solidarity Movement