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The large rat has spoken. Now that the fuse has finally been lit, let’s eliminate any idea Netanyahu & Israel had anything to do with this, when the truth is they had everything to do with it! The threat of war with Iran would not exist but for Netanyahu & his war-mongering cohorts. Of course, only blithering idiots aren’t aware these mass-murderers of cataclysmic proportions, along with the entire media apparatus, have all the treacherous politicians they need in the West to sing the continuous war-mongering lullaby Zionists crave.


The plan for Greater Israel was conceived. The fact General Wesley Clark revealed the intention all along was to take out 7 Arab/Muslim nations clearly shows Zionists intended to see this plan through. Now all we have to wait for is the ‘Iranian response’……. which if they have any sense they’ll never initiate for they know this assassination was planned with the hope of a knee-jerk response from them. The Iranians aren’t fools.

However, the Israelis & the Zionists stooges in the US know Iran would be crazy to retaliate. Therefore, the chances are the next event will be a ‘false flag attack’ on American soldiers, (which in all likelihood has already been planned). In other words US leaders will once again sanction the murder of their own people. Immediately the media will then do what it does best – LIE THROUGH ITS BACK TEETH, by blaming Iran for the attack. Then its simply the case of how much of Iran they will destroy.

At least some are speaking out. NBA Warriors coach Steve Kerr said –
“One thing I’ve learned in my lifetime is to not believe our government when it comes to matters of war,” he tweeted Friday. “Johnson and Nixon lied about Vietnam. Bush and Cheney lied about WMD’s in Iraq. Now Pence is lying about Iran/Soleimani’s supposed involvement in 9/11.”


Well done Steve Kerr. Kudos to you sir. Sadly, I’ve long lost hope. Bad enough Julian Assange languishes in jail with no end in sight to his horrendous plight, yet this complete & utter maniac Netanyahu still remains in office? No wonder the world is in such a mess.