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Trump contrasts ‘civilized world’ to Iran, but who are the true barbarians?

by George Galloway at RT

Trump said Iran is in conflict with the ‘civilized world,’ but civilized states don’t seek regime change, lead aggressive wars, and trash international law like the US has done more than once.

So, who are the true barbarians? With every line, Donald Trump took the breath away from the watching audience and even some of the horseshoe of military brass behind him when he responded to the Iranian retaliation to his reckless (and illegal) assassination of Iranian General Qassim Soleimani.

That Trump first of all sees himself as “civilized” is surprising. It would be hard to name a single US president with a lower cultural level than the host of The Apprentice and most people in the world are frequently embarrassed by his distinctly uncivilised behaviour towards women, including his own wife just for starters. His are the “civilised” values which annihilated 100 million Native Americans in the name of manifest destiny.

But if he is the “civilised” one in this confrontation then who are the barbarians? Iran was the centre of a vast civilisation stretching all the way to Greece millennia before the first settlers representing Trump’s civilisation even arrived in the “New World.”