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Alberto Lorenzo:
Vía Lody Inge Daniels

“The threat of US President Donald Trump to commit war crimes against Iran violates the absolute ban on violence in the UN Charter. This irresponsible escalation of the US administration cannot remain without consequences.

The US military bases in Germany have to be closed if one does not want to serve as a platform for outrageous US crimes in a war against Iran, ”said the external expert of the DIE LINKE parliamentary group and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Sevim Dagdelen, on the US announcements -President Donald Trump, in a war against Iran, also want to attack targets that are important for Iranian culture.

Dagdelen continues: “While Donald Trump publicly announces that he no longer wants to abide by international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention, there can be no ‘go ahead’ of German foreign policy. The outrageous threats must be clearly condemned. Those who boast about wanting to commit war crimes via Twitter cannot maintain military bases within the scope of the Basic Law. The federal government must refuse the US war against Iran and publicly declare that Germany will not take part in this violence, either directly or indirectly. DIE LINKE calls for the withdrawal of US soldiers from Germany and the closure of US military bases such as Ramstein Air Base, which also serves as a relay station for the US drone murders. ”

Die US-Militärbasen in Deutschland sind zu schließen, will man nicht als Plattform für ungeheuerliche US-Verbrechen bei einem Krieg gegen den Iran dienen.