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by Miri Wood

Colombian Passports with Al Qaeda terrorists

The counterfeit passports were Colombian, forged in Colombia. Yet Venezuela was maligned.

The US and Colombia have gone full Keystone Kops in an incoherent story of three ‘al Qaeda’ operatives attempting to enter the United States using counterfeit Colombian passports for which Venezuela has bizarrely been given blame. As the script is likely going through a proper rewrite to be used in future fearmongering, Syria News reports on the asininity in cheap propaganda.

On 22 January, Colombia’s RCN News reported that three “Syrian” al Qaeda members “were captured when they tried to enter Dallas posing as Colombian citizens.” Thrilled to have exclusive photographs of the counterfeit passports, forgeries made in Colombia, this news service managed to neglect the mention of how it knew the detainees were “Syrian,” given Syria has no embassy in the country, and that the “Syrian Honorary Consulate in Barranquilla, Colombia” has a “vacant” “Head of Mission.”

RCN reported that the Prosecutor’s Office claimed the forger was already under investigation, suggesting the Prosecutor is as incompetent as the counterfeiter, who issued the three passports on the same date — 21 November 2016 — with consecutive numbers, and ages 20 years younger than the trio look.

At this time, two English language media have reported on this incident: Breitbart (23 January) and Sofrep (24 January) — founded by a former Navy Seal and a former Green Beret — both of which added the wild and belligerent rumor that the Colombian trio with the counterfeit passports had arrived in Colombia via Venezuela; Breitbart modified the rumor with use of the word, “appear,” but the Seal/Green Beret site claimed rumor as fact.

This is especially impressive, given that the original RCN report made no mention of how the trio had arrived in Colombia.

The source of the mis-information, dis-information, appears to have been a tweet from a blue checked journalist who works for CNN International, who prefaced the bellicose rumor with the word, “allegedly.”

Both sources used the opportunity of a malicious rumor, origin unknown, to launch an almost identical tirade of frenzied anti-Venezuela propaganda that sounded as though culled from a State Department press briefing. Both secreted the same deranged anti-Venezuela quote from a cohort of the delusional Juan Guaido, who previously proclaimed himself the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, without having ever received a single vote because he never ran for the office. Breitbart went full Mad Hatter fake news in lying that he is.

Guaido — known in impolite circles as perro de los EEUU, traidor, gusano puto, and descriptions unfit for our civilized readers — received his higher education near Langley. More than half a billion USD has been provided for overall expenses toward a successful coup, of which $128,000,000 “went directly into the pockets of the coup leaders,” courtesy of the American taxpayers (it seems the refinery in the USVI formerly known as HOVENSA cannot open to refine, without Venezuelan crude).

Of extremely remarkable coincidence, a mere two days before the Colombian al Qaeda arrested at the US border was released, Guaido met with Secretary of State, Mike ‘Lied, Cheated, Stole’ Pompeo, in Bogota’.