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by Ben Barbour

The Iraqi children that were sodomized will never get justice. But, as an American, I want to encourage my fellow Americans to never allow this depraved lunacy to happen again in the future. If you don’t speak out about it, then it is guaranteed to happen again.

When the term “CIA torture” is brought up, many people scoff at it. Some might claim you are a delicate liberal that doesn’t understand what it takes to keep the United States safe. The US media has misled people into thinking that the worst crime of the CIA torture program was water boarding. Water boarding is awful. It was developed from ancient torture practices like Chinese water torture. But, anyone that has looked into the CIA torture program knows that waterboarding was among the mildest “enhanced interrogation techniques.” It was one of the techniques that was CIA approved for the media to talk about.

Ever heard about CIA anal rape torture? Oh, I’m sorry, I mean “rectal rehydration.” Needless to say, despite the CIA and their media apparatus torture apologist goons claiming that rectal rehydration was a valid way to feed people, “medical experts say that it was never medically necessary.” Turns out that rectal rehydration was just used as a behavioral control technique. Yea, that’s right. The CIA raped people. In fact they raped kids (more on that later).

The current director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Gina Haspel, was involved in anal rape torture. Remember all the pseudo-woke feminists defending her? People keep making a big deal about her being the first woman spook to head the CIA. There is a reason she is appropriately nicknamed “Ms. Torture.” You better believe that she did not just partake in water-boarding. How about we talk about how she raped people? Promoting rape does not line up with any version of feminist values that I am familiar with. These pseudo-woke clowns are making a mockery of feminism. Oh, a female can participate in anal rape torture as well? Mission accomplished! We broke the glass ceiling!

Are you ready to have your stomach turn? According to Seymour Hersh, who won the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting, Iraqi children “were sodomized with the cameras rolling. And the worst above all of that is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has (US government). They are in total terror.” Yea, that’s right. The CIA encouraged (or were complicit in) the rape of Iraqi children, and their screams were recorded. Don’t worry it gets worse. These psychopaths played the recordings of the children being raped on loops to their mothers. Eventually, according to Hersh, the women began passing notes that said “please come and kill me, because of what’s happened.” As an American, I’m just proud of the superior values that my country brought to Iraq…

What are some other methods of torture that the media refused to talk about? What about hyperthermia torture? Gul Rahman died as a result of hyperthermia torture. He froze to death in a CIA black site in Afghanistan, known as “The Salt Pit.” This is what happened to Rahman: “after 48 hours of sleep deprivation, auditory overload, total darkness, isolation, a cold shower, and rough treatment, the CIA decided he was uncooperative and removed all of his clothes except a sweatshirt. Rahman was then shackled to a concrete wall overnight. The next day, guards found Rahman dead.”

According to the 2014 Senate Torture Report, 26 of 119 individuals (22%) identified in the Congressional study, were found to be of mistaken identity (or did not meet the standard for detention). These people of mistaken identity were not treated with kid gloves. They underwent all of the horrors I just talked about. It’s not exactly a mystery why there are so many cases that “did not meet the standard.” That’s what happens when you cut deals with Pakistani and Afghan warlords. These are the people that the United States trusted to give them alleged terrorists that threatened their (my) national security? Are you f**king kidding me! Turns out that warlords often just send over their political enemies. Shocker!

Anyone ever wonder how the US media, in 2011, immediately began putting out detailed stories about Assad torturing people, before they had solid sources on the ground? People like Maher Arar, were detained by the Syrian government, and tortured at the behest of the CIA in the early 2000s. Syria, like many countries, was a part of the CIA torture pipeline. In fact, 54 countriesparticipated in the CIA torture pipeline. Is the US spreading democracy yet? Are we winning hearts and minds?

Obama was unable to curb the torture program. Contrary to mainstream media propaganda, the CIA renditions (torture) never stopped under Obama. In 2014, under Barack Obama, journalist Jeremy Scahill revealed that the CIA still runs black sites in countries like Somalia. Donald Trump famously said on the 2016 campaign trail that he would bring back torture and “torture even if it didn’t work.” Little did he know, torture never went away. That’s the dirty little secret among the intelligence community.

I take zero enjoyment talking about sexual abuse in such graphic ways. I really do realize that this is a triggering topic. That being said, it is of the upmost importance for people to realize the horrific sexual abuse that the CIA carried out (and likely still does) as stated policy. It’s not something that the United States should just continue to brush under the rug. The Iraqi children that were sodomized will never get justice. But, as an American, I want to encourage my fellow Americans to never allow this depraved lunacy to happen again in the future. If you don’t speak out about it, then it is guaranteed to happen again.