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We will use International Women’s day to draw the attention to the world leaders that turn a blind eye to the worst Dictators on this planet, that treat women as slaves, because they have money, yet wage war on secular countries that treat women as equals.

Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai

Mohammed bin Salman told the world that he had given Saudi women the right to drive, but it was all propaganda and imprisoned the women that called for it instead. Women in Saudi Arabia are treated like slaves to men. They have no freedom and are hounded down, imprisoned and tortured if they try to escape. The following video shows just a few examples of this.

Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum abducted his daughter Princess Latifa, after she escaped from Dubai and has not been seen since. She had previously been imprisoned by her father and tortured.

His wife Princess Haya, has also fled Dubai and was granted asylum in London where she has started divorce proceedings against the Sheik. The custody hearing for the two children will start soon.

Princess Haya of Jordan, 45, a daughter of the late King Hussain and a former Olympic equestrian, married Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai, 70, in 2004, becoming the sixth and youngest of his wives. They have two children, aged seven and 11.

These two leaders treat women as slaves and world leaders, not only turn a blind eye to the way they treat women, but they actually treat them as heroes.

It is so sickening that world leaders look up to them, just for money, which makes every one of them, just as bad as these two men, which are just two of many that are above the law.

The leaders below are the ones that see these leaders of Wahhabism, Terrorism and Sharia Law, as heroes.



The world is still attacking President Bashar Al Assad trying to make out he is bad, by lying that his is killing his own people. The western media are go to all lengths with lies and propaganda to make the stupid believe this. So on this International Women’s Day we will celebrate the Syrian women and the women that are condemned in the media for spreading the truth about Syria.

Widdad Adnan Shoujaa is the first Syrian female pilot who flew from Damascus International Airport to Europe in 2010

Syrian women have been flying planes for years, while Saudi women are forbidden from driving a car.

Nibal Madhat Badr became the first ever woman to assume the rank of Brigadier General in the Syrian Armed Forces

The Syrian army has women on the front line defending their country and fighting foreign backed ISIS.

Bouthaina Shaaban

Bouthaina Shaabn is the political advisor to President Assad and has to put up with all the lies and propaganda, put to her in interviews from the world press.

Rania Kinge

Rania started a charity for the displaced women in Syria that had lost their husbands and sons to the terrorist groups, since the beginning of the war. Starting wit jewellery but now the range has expanded to include bags.

Born in Syria to a family of diplomats, Rania Kinge spent most of her life in Geneva where she developed her talent as an artist and jewellery designer. She is fascinated by the most intimate details of the design. Rania is passionate about the rebirth of her people’s craftsmanship and the local productive capacity of her economy.
It cannot live simply by watching Syria fall apart, marginalized and relegated to the Third World. Seeing these women living on charity and her people constantly victimized by war, she decided to take action.

The Truth Tellers

Now for the women that are vilified for spreading the truth about what is happening in Syria. These are just a few you may have heard of, but there are hundreds more in Syria and around the world that are also spreading the truth, since the start of the war. We know who they are.

The three women below, have actually travelled to Syria on several occasions, interviewing Syrians that have been displaced and threatened by the terrorists. You will not see them on the mainstream media, because it goes against western lies and propaganda. In the almost 10yrs on war there has not been one single Syrian being interviewed  on MSM. All the British networks have only interviewed terrorist groups and supporters.

Not so in Australia though, as they have interviewed Syrians on several occasions and given them the floor in discussions.

Vanessa Beeley – British

Janice Kortkamp – American

Eva Bartlet – Canadian

Syrian Girl

Now finally Syrian Girl who started speaking out at the beginning of the war from Australia. Her name is Maram Susli, also known as Mimi al-Laham, PartisanGirl, Syrian Girl and Syrian Sister. She has been on Australian TV putting her going across in a debate against the terrorist FSA.

It is a sad, sad world when our leaders celebrate the most evil of men that torture women and then vilify women that spread the truth and peace around the world.