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In his article published in The Global Research on the latest agreement reached between the Russian and the Turkish sides, the writer Stephan Lendman has said that it is in the best interest of Trump that the war continues in Syria and that the agreement of cessation of hostilities would not stand long unless Erdogan firmly commits himself to it.

He added that endless US-led NATO war on the Syrian Arab Republic is all about replacing its legitimate government with pro-Western puppet rule, along with isolating Iran regionally aiming to topple its government. He went on to say that for Turkey’s Erdogan, it’s all about annexing northern Syrian territory, especially its oil producing areas.

As for Israel, it’s all about eliminating a rival state to advance its regional dominance aims as Washington’s Middle East junior partner. As for Syria, Syrian UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafar has said that

The Syrian leadership besides the Syrian people will not allow Erdogan or anyone else to repeat in Idlib what happened in Alexandretta. Jaafari called Erdogan Turkey’s Netanyahu, describing them both as “occupiers and aggressive”. Jafarri went on to say that instead of opposing regional terrorism, Erdogan actively supports it, using jihadists to advance his imperial aims, operating like the US, NATO and Israel. Jaafari added that Syria has never expected Erdogan to honor his pledges, because this simply means the end of his reckless adventures in Syria, and an end to his political and military interventions in other countries , and that no reasons exist to believe he’ll turn a page for restoration of peace and stability in Syria, what he hasn’t done throughout nine years of war.

It is worth mentioning that liberating Idlib depends on eliminating Erdogan’s scourge in the province and wherever else it may emerge in the country and on ending foreign occupation by US and Turkish forces.

Syria Insider