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Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners Affairs said on Thursday that all Palestinian prisoners were tested negative for coronavirus after the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) sent a doctor, who is infected with the virus, to treat Palestinian prisoners.

The spokesperson for the committee, Thaer Ishreiteh, confirmed that the administration of Ashkelon jail decided on Wednesday to isolate 19 prisoners of section 3, where 35 prisoners are held, after they were visited by a doctor, who was infected with coronavirus.

Ishreiteh added that the Israeli authorities do not deal seriously with the risk of a possible coronavirus outbreak among Palestinian prisoners. He held the occupation state responsible for the lives of the Palestinian prisoners, especially under the poor conditions and the overcrowding of prisons.

He said that the committee is very concerned about 5000 Palestinian prisoners, jailed in different Israeli jails, especially with the increasing numbers of Israeli coronavirus patients.

He noted that there are already 700 patient prisoners in addition to 200 others, who need medical treatment.

Ishreiteh also said that family visits are banned and that the Red Cross and the World Health Organisation need to put pressure on the occupation state to provide sterilizers inside its jails to protect the prisoners.

Nearly 5000 Palestinian prisoners, including 200 children and 700 patients, are held in Israeli jails. Over 200 suffer from chronic diseases and have
weakened immune.