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Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli police on Friday imposed a 5,000 Shekel fine on each of Ahmad and Yousef Shawish, who were performing Friday prayer near Al Aqsa mosque as one of them has been banned from entry to the holy mosque while the other was prevented today from entry.

Dozens of worshipers tried to perform Friday prayer at Al Aqsa mosque today but the Israeli police closed some gates of the old city and allowed only few worshipers to get into the holy mosque, which pushed everyone else to perform prayers near it.

Israeli cops, who prevented worshipers from performing prayers at Al Aqsa mosque, continued to repress the worshipers outside the mosque using stun grenades. They also threatened to impose fines on the worshipers if they gather to perform prayers near the holy mosque.

Ahmad Shaeish told QNN that they were praying near Hittah gate along with other worshipers, who were prevented from entry. As soon as they completed their prayers, Israeli cops started throwing stun grenades at them.

The worshipers tried to fight back as there were women and elderly people among them. A young man told Ahmad that the Israelis are trying to arrest his brother Yousef.

“I immediately went to see my brother. They were beating him while he was handcuffed. They were stomping on his head with their military boots, so I tried to rescue him but they pushed me back and beat me as well.”

Yousef was arrested, according to Ahmad, and taken to Qashlah interrogation center, while Ahmad was taken to Bet Ilyahu interrogation center in the old city.

“We stayed in there for nearly an hour”, Ahmad told QNN. “They have never interrogated us. Before releasing us, they imposed a 5,000 Shekel fine on each one of us for “gathering” but we refused to take them.”

Ahmad stressed that the worshipers were planning to perform Friday prayer at the courtyards of the holy mosque, following the directions of the Islamic Waqf. The Israeli police, however, forced them to gather in very confined space.

The occupation state has been exploiting the coronavirus crisis to increase its oppression on the Palestinian people. Israeli B’Tselem issued a report on Thursday stressing that Israeli authorities have increased their oppression and arrests in the capital city of Jerusalem.