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Moscow, (ST)  – Russian Deputy Defense Minister General Alexander Fomin stressed that the United States’ plundering of national wealth in Syria and banning energy imports to it are practices inconsistent with international law.

“The United States unabashedly plunders the national wealth of Syria and at the same time prohibits the supply of energy carriers to the country, and this violates international humanitarian law and limits of cruelty and inhumanity,” Fomen said in an interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestia published today.

The Russian Ministry of Defense last November published a map of the oil fields in Syria and pictures from satellites taken last September showing caravan tanks that transport oil out of Syria under the guard of the American military and elements of the American private military companies.

Fomin urged the countries of the world to provide support to the Syrian people without preconditions and said that human values cannot be politicized or specified on conditions, stating that unfortunately Western countries do not seek to provide assistance to the Syrian people, but on the contrary, they follow the approach of restricting it economically by imposing coercive unilateral measures on them.

Raghda Sawas