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An armed group that acted on order from the United States in Tanf arrives in Palmyra and drops its weapons to the Syrian Arab army

Palmyra / In collaboration with honest citizens and after four-month planning and coordination, the competent services provided the evacuation of elements of an armed group from the of zone near the Syrian-Iraqi border, which were surrender with their weapons and vehicles to the Syrian Arab army.

In a statement to the correspondent of SANA in Palmyra, a source of the competent services said: ” In a specific operation, 28 armed men, as well as 6 drivers of the so-called ” army of Maghawir al-Thawra ” who act under the supervision of the American army of occupation, arrived in Palmyra and dropped their weapons by taking advantage of the amnesty orders issued “.

The source has reported that eight vehicles, some of which have heavy machine guns, as well as five machine guns, three precision guns, seven American-made automatic guns, eight Russian guns, two “RPG”, one bomb pitcher, ammo, twins, some of whom are night vision, and telecom devices.

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