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Nusra Front is dismantling power towers on Aleppo-Lattakia Highway in order to steal and sell them to Turkish dealers.

SDC local sources said Nusra Front kept dismantling all power towers in the areas of the highway from Sarakeb to Jisr Shoughoor to be sold in the form of iron scrap to Turkish dealers who, in turn, move it to Turkey.

The sources added Nusra Front dismantled the power network adjacent to the highway in some villages of Zawiyah Mount in Idlib southern countryside. The stolen equipment was moved towards Turkish borders to be sold to a number of Turkish dealers who have been practicing the purchase of Nusra Front stolen infrastructure materials. It is not the first time in which these Turkish dealers have dealt with Nusra Front as they already bought materials stolen from Aleppo-Lattakia railway as well as Zayzoon Power Station in Al-Ghab Plain and other infrastructure equipment.

An SDC well-informed source said Nusra Front lootings of the highway contents may indicate that its members are preparing to withdraw to put Moscow agreement between Russia and Turkey into effect. The source pointed out that Russia increased pressure on Turkey when it put a deadline for the agreement, unlike Sochi agreement 2018 which had no deadline.

The source also said the Turks played an active role in driving the extremist militants away from the highway in the past few days. Confrontations took place between Turkish police and protesters from the Takfiri factions on the highway. The protesters rejected the agreement and the joint patrols. Latest Nusra Front acts of theft indicate an imminent withdrawal from the highway due to Turkish pressures.

The source pointed out to what Nusra Front had done before withdrawal from Maarat al-Numan when its members dismantled the power towers and networks to be sold in Turkey within their policy of looting the Syrian properties to fund their terrorist operations. Nusra Front avoids direct confrontation with Turkey to maintain the Turkish support it has been receiving to maintain its dominance in the Syrian north.