by Paleo Fam

A Nevada nurse, Nicole Sirotek, has shared a video that has gone viral blaming New York hospitals of gross negligence in their treatment of COVID-19 patients.

“I am literally telling you that they are murdering these people,” Sirotek says in the terrifying video.

“I know not everybody is going to live. I’m not that f-cking green, or ignorant, or bright eyed and bushy tailed to think that, okay? I know we’re going to have a sh-t ton of people die — but these people aren’t dying from COVID.”

Sirotek claims that they are dying from iatrogenic illness—death by medical accident.

“They don’t care what’s happening to these people. And I have to keep watching them die,” Sirotek claims. “Am I the only one who is not a sociopath?”

New York City has seen nearly 20,000 deaths reportedly caused by COVID-19, though there are reports of massive inflation of the death statistics.