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Our despicable Secretary of State, former CIA director, Mike Pompeo during his confirmation hearing two years ago comparing the US (“exceptional”) to Russia (“not exceptional”).

Well, let’s see…

The US has destroyed Afghanistan in our ‘fight’ against the Taliban – the fanatical group the US armed, trained, and funded during the 80s.

The US has destroyed Iraq in our ‘fight against terrorism’ after 9/11 (we actually had started long before that) even though Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11 and all the ‘justifications’ for that invasion have been proven to be lies.

The US has destroyed Libya based on fairy tale propaganda that got so ridiculous as to have included a myth of Col Qaddafi giving his troops viagra so they could rape more women. Pure Muslim Brotherhood lies.

The US has been aiding and abetting terrorist proxy armies including ISIS and al Qaeda to try to destroy secular, women-empowering, non-aggressive Syria while Russia has been helping the legitimate government to fight those terrorist groups.

The US began helping its Saudi fav weapons-buying customers in their hideous war of destruction and deliberate starvation of Yemen in 2015.

The US has been targeting Venezuela since the Obama years for regime change – not because of the ‘bad dictator’ routine but because Venezuela has massive oil and mineral reserves.

The US orchestrated the coup in Ukraine in what has been described by veteran intelligence officers here as the most obvious manufactured coup ever.

This is just the ‘short list’ of our crimes around the world.

There are still several countries on the US regime change addicts ‘hit list’ including Iran.

Yes, the US is ‘exceptional’ – we are exceptional in our arrogance, greed, delusions of greatness, aggression, and hypocrisy.

Janice Kortkamp