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SAA Syrian Arab Army Daraa Idlib Aleppo Latakia Deir Ezzor HasakahSyrian Arab Army – Archive Photo

by Arabi Souri

The army is strengthening its presence in the Daraa countryside after repeated attacks on state institutions and the military and security elements, waving force to seize the Daraa countryside, paralleled by pressure from the residents on the remains of the militants.

The resurgence of terrorist groups in the province’s countryside and rural areas can only be achieved with the unlimited support NATO terrorists receive in Syria from the host of sponsoring countries from the western superpowers to the Gulfies super-rich with bordering Jordan and the Israel-occupied Golan as their logistical base.

Russian-mediated reconciliations worked to a certain limit and now is the time to eliminate the remnants of the terrorist groups after especially after their terrorist crimes have become more frequent and more brazen with last week’s kidnapping and butchering nine policemen in a town in Daraa’s northern countryside.

The following report by the Lebanese-based Al Mayadeen news channel sheds more light:

The video is also available on Bitchute and Dailymotion.