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Syria has affirmed that hypocricy has become one of the European  main policies.
A statement made today by a source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, said that the European Union’ s decision to renew coercive sanctions against Syria is not surprising as it comes after the US’s decision in this regards.
This step proves that the EU lacks the independence of taking decisions and it is subjugate to US in a humiliating way.
“The EU decision reveals once again its involvement in the war on Syria and its unlimited  support for terrorist groups. Therefore this union shoulders the responsibility  for shedding Syrian blood and for the suffering of people because of the unjust sanctions being imposed on it, ” the ministry added.
It asserted that the sanctions violate human rights and the international law since they hinder the Syrian government’s efforts to fight coronavirus.
“The sanctions constitute a crime against humanity,” the ministry said.
It cited that the EU decision blows the lid off the the false attitudes and statements of the EU related to ease the sanctions on humanitarian aid to fight Covid-19 .
The ministry emphasized that EU lost the lowest level of credibility and it has zero role in international arena and public opinion.
Basma Qaddour