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Ramallah (QNN)- Israeli military training on Tuesday caused a wide area of agricultural and pastoral land in the Jordan Valley to burn.

Local sources said Israeli military training caused fire to engulf 9000 dunumns of agricultural land, cultivated for wheat and barley, as well as pastoral land.

The Israeli use of live ammunition caused fire to burn nearly 180 dunums of agricultural land and 8200 dunums of pastoral land.

The Jordan Valley has been targeted by the Israelis, displacing hundreds of its native population, in order to grab as much land as possible to annex the area.

Experts estimated the lands that will be affected by the Israeli annexation plan at 51,000 dunums of agricultural land in addition to 46,000 dunums of the borders with Jordan, and 400 dunums of the valley’s land that was grabbed and has been used by the Israelis as a military training zone.