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I’ve written before about the newly introduced regime of sanctions imposed by the USA against the Syrian people dubbed the Caesar Act, and also about the EU inhumane sanctions against the Syrian people, yet seems the western media is giving the new ‘maximum pressure’ way above its real weight for known reasons.

Due to the systematic coordinated western MSM campaigns against the Syrian people for the past 9 plus years and increasing whenever any development happens, many people are wondering what is next.

Among those are members of the Quora Q & A wiki social platform and one of those members, obviously taken by the MSM onslaught against his judgment asked this question: With the Caesar Act being renewed, instability growing at home with the Syrian pound continuously plummeting, is the end of the Al-Assad regime near?

As usual, Quora sent me the question, among others of course, because of my work on Syria and I left the following answer I’m copying here to preserve it from the same Quora’s censorship and also to share the info with the readers of this platform, I replied to the above question with the following:

The Al-Assad Regimenever existed to end, I just checked the United Nations register of countries and their governments, in relation to ‘Al-Assad’ I found one entry referring to the Syrian Arab Republic with Bashar Al-Assad as the President.

But if you’re talking about the Syrian state whether it’ll end up like Libyaor Iraq or wherever the US was successful in spreading its democracy it doesn’t have at home (George Floyd says hi), I can assure you it’s in a far better situation now than whatever it went through, definitely way better than 2013 – 2018 when missiles were showering the Syrian capital Damascuswhich was surrounded by tens of thousands of what the US itself says are Al-Qaeda and affiliates, 60,000 of them in Douma aloneto give you a hint about their danger.

The Syrian Lira (pound if you like) is plummeting against a virtual currency which doesn’t have gold backing, which means the virtual inflated currency is having issues in its price, otherwise, how can someone explain a currency’s price fluctuating 30% of its value overnight down then up again in the morning other than speculations on social media?!

Add to it that the Syrian Lira is not pegged to the dollar, the only need Syrians want to use a foreign currency is to buy some medicine that isn’t produced in Syria (90% is produced within the country) and it’s not allowed to do that by the US and the EU,to buy oil instead of the one looted by Trump,which is now bought from Iranwhich doesn’t want US dollars in exchange rather some food items that Syria has a surplus of, and maybe some accessories. As for weapons, for sure Russia doesn’t care much when it’ll be paid for those it’s selling the Syrian Army, the latter is fighting the battle on the ground on behalf of the world including Russia itself, Putin said: Had the Russian military not intervened on the side of the Syrian military they would have been fighting those tens of thousands of terrorists on the streets of Moscow and Petersburg.

So, there is a hardship because neighboring countries are collapsing under the US pressure, namely Lebanon and Iraq, and there’s an added pressure by Trump burning Syrian wheat crops,but other than that it’s a matter of a few more months before the world settles on its new order and everybody will ‘BREATHE’.

If none of the above including the linked sources are sufficient you can see this: The US Caesar Sanctions, Washington’s Last Stray Bullet against Syria.